Tango HOME (Hybrid Online Method Experience)

For those interested in learning Tango online, we partnered with TangoTangent to deliver Zoom classes. Dan and Amalia visited Oxford twice, and some of you will know them and their teaching quality. Classes are for all levels, and you can join with or without a partner. You also have the opportunity to book individual feedback sessions.

Tango Home is a hybrid method to study and improve your tango, adapted to the current context of social distancing. Tango Home is suited to tango dancers with previous tango experience who seek to maintain and develop their tango.

Tango Home is a flexible, interactive and adaptative method. This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers. Below is a full description of the Tango Home concept:


How does Tango Home work?

1. Register via this electronic form and pay via Revolut or PayPal - you can choose to pay £5 for an individual group class or one feedback session. Alternatively, you can book the entire module for £30.

2. Take part in the group Zoom Session

  • the group Zoom session takes place every Thursday at 20:00 (UK time) and lasts between 30-45 min
  • you will receive the link for the group Zoom session a few minutes before starting time at the email address you have provided in your registration
  • the group Zoom session is a short lecture focusing on one given subject with a brief Q&A session. You can choose to keep the camera on/off. 

3. After the group Zoom session you receive a study package for the week

  • the study package contains an outline of the lecture with instructions for practice exercises
  • in the study package, you will also receive a video with practice exercises
  • the study package is sent via email or via transfer link to the email address you provided

4. After the group Zoom session, you can schedule a 15-min individual feedback session with your instructor - the scheduling is done via email or WhatsApp group. The feedback session takes place once a week.

Subjects for the first month of Tango Home

  1. Using rhythm to practice - tools and methods for practice; simple and advanced exercises (Available for free for subscribers on Vimeo)
  2. Moving forward - advancing for leaders and followers; stepping technique exercises for the forward walk and the front ocho (Feb 4)
  3. Moving backwards - stepping back for leaders and followers; stepping technique exercises for the backward step and the back ocho (Feb 11)
  4. Embrace exercises - exercises for increases the awareness of the role of the embrace in tango (Feb 18)

Tango Home at a glance

gilbert iscu fondator tango tangent web site

Tango on-line info

For more details call Gilbert:
t: +40721284428

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